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Laviesest belle – Yes, the French quote tells us that we’re living in a beautiful world. However, it’s not always true. Who can guarantee your safety but yourselves? Every corner could be an ideal hidden place for incredibly insane attackers so that we should be well-prepared to save us from the deathly danger by carrying some self-defense tools. Please carefully take a look at these following self-weapons, perhaps it will help you someday.
1.Monkey Fist Paracord:
Yes, it looks alike a harmless key-chain more than a powerful tool. The 9.8 length is perfect for attacking from long or short distance containing a 1-inch steel ball inside the top thick threaded nut. The knockout knot is handy and useful in a swing or punch and easy to handle for amateurs. It also fits great in your pocket to carry around.


monkey fist paracord

2. Tom Anderson TA TP2 Tactical Pen:
A very helpful tool which is considered as a multi- tool based on the survival specialists. It features 5.25 inch in length comes with the use of a regular pen but also could be used as a tactical point weapon or even a glass breaker. This pen can break bones, cause tempory paralysis or extreme pain by using the sharp tip of the pen to give pressure points on the attacker. If someone gets stuck in a car, vehicle or a fire, the top of this pen could replace a hammer to break the windows to access the exinguishers. Made out of aircraft lightweight aluminum, it’s both light and strong enough for emergency situations. The pocket clip allows you to bring this tactical pen by your side all the times.




3. Lipstick Knife:
I have myself purchased for several lipsticks, but this one absolutely jumps out of the beauty frame. Yes, you can never apply it on your lips but you definitely need it when being attacked. Concealed in the lipstick container is a 1.5 inch double-edged stainless steel blade. The blade upheaves when you twist the bottom, it’s quick for jabbing in any threatening cases. Handy and lightweight, perfect for tucking into a purse and easy-to-use, it’s a must-have tube for any ladies. If you have been willing to pay for a dozen of luxury lipsticks, why not giving out some bucks for this stunning helpful one for your safety?


Lipstick Knife


4. Security Pepper Spray:
The combination of chemical and oils derived from cayenne pepper is said to be extraordinarily painful.It has been commonly used to incapacitate the politic demonstration or dangerous uncontrollable crowds and either for self-defense against human or animal attack. When triggered, it provides a large spray towards the attackers and instantly causes them into tears, pain or temporary blindness. Pepper spray is banned from using in some particular areas in the US and only trained policies are allowed to use this for defending riot crowds. However, it’s legal to have a small pepper spray in your bag if you’re bound to be in a predicted safe-less place.


Security Pepper Spray
5. Fenix TA20 Tactical Premium Q5 Cree XR-E LED Flashlight
Made from the aircraft-grade aluminum, you will have a powerful tool to make a punch by holding your hand tight around the light. With the output of 225 lumens in maximum, you can use this to identify threats or shine the light into their’s eyes to blind them temporarily. To make it becomes an excellent weapon, unscrew the lens, take advantage from the heat of the bulb to revenge on the attacker. And overall, if you hold enough bravery, give them a firm strike to skull, jaw, elbow of the attacker would make an effective result.


6. The Unbreakable Umbrella
Have you ever watched the movie “The Return of Johnny English” and wished for something as his pocket umbrella? Well, this isn’t a version of the sleek spy’s tool, but it will give you a huge benefit. It not only covers you under the rain but also will become a strong steel pipe to hit and dominate any moves from the attacker. It doesn’t have a look of a fighting tool as well as raise suspicious. Plus it’s legal and lightweight to carry anywhere.


The Unbreakable Umbrella
7. Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher:


The Crusher is an officially baseball bat with 34 inches in length, weighs 2.07 pounds , and is constructed of unbreakable precision molded. They won’t break down or crack no matter how tough you swing them or whatever you hit on. It can be used in emergency as defending the thieves, flying bricks or any hard materials. Keep it in your house or preserve it in your car is not a bad idea for self-defense.


Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher:B


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