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Batting Cage Net in softball

batting cage nets for softball

Select the Best Batting Cage Nets for Successful Practice Session

It is needless to say that how much practice is important in any sport in order to achieve performance excellence. You take up any game whether indoor or outdoor, without hours of practice and dedication, no one can become the master of the game. And the same thing is applicable in the game of softball. And this is the reason why I have decided to talk about batting cage nets for softball today.

I have seen many players or emerging players rather, they are always focused on playing matches rather than going on the nets for practice. This is a destructive habit I must say and I don’t encourage that at all.


batting cage nets for softball

Now, coming to the practice. In the game of softball, batting is always very important and so is the net practice. It doesn’t require any explanation. And while getting ready for net practice, having the right quality net is very important. This is for the best practice. The area is called batting cage.

Various kinds of batting cage nets

This is basically an enclosed area for the softball players to practice the batting skill in all possible ways. The net plays a very crucial role in this practice; it enables you to hit the ball hard and in any possible direction. The most favorable material for a batting cage is net. The typical shape of these nets is rectangular though. I prefer diamond shape or square-shape. This doesn’t cause any impact on the ball and also sustain for a long time. But it is true that all different shapes come with some specific advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look:

Indoor batting cage

batting cage nets for softball


Two kinds of batting cages are normally available. One is indoor batting cage and the other one is outdoor batting cage. Indoor batting cage is normally balanced by steel cables, placed at a regular interval of 6 to 8 feet. There is an anchor point connected with a steel plate on the wall. The anchor is very crucial in this type of net.

Outdoor batting cage

batting cage nets for softball

Unlike the indoor nets, outdoor batting cages are installed using steel poles. In each pole section, there are three poles, two uprights poles and one cross bar pole connecting the other two poles. And such sections are placed after 12 to 20 feet interval. And the net is attached with these pole sections. When the gap between two pole sections increases, the net starts to sag and becomes less usable.

Various length of cage nets for softball

Now, the length of the net depends on the purpose it is being used for. If it is about the practice of little league players then 21 gauges net will do the job. If it is for the high school players, the length should be 36 gauges minimum. And when it comes to the pros of the game, the standard size is 60 gauges. There are a number of books and other sources available that will tell you about these instructions. I personally follow Netting Infographic Guide.

Things to consider while choosing batting cage nets for softball

Now that you have a brief idea about the kinds of batting cage net that are available and the right length for different level of hitters. You need to consider some other factors before buying the net.

The very first thing you need to consider is the price. You have to decide the amount that you are ready to spend. The more you will spend the better product you will get. But there is no point of spending excessively. And never compromise with the quality of the net. You may consider the length though.

The next thing to consider is the purpose. Yes, this is important. You need to decide where you will be using the net. Will you use it in your backyard or you want an indoor batting cage for home use. Depending on the purpose, you need to select the price.

Length of the batting cage is another very crucial issue. If your kid is just starting, then you can easily manage with 21 gauges net or 36 gauges net. There are some batting cages which can be extended in future.

Choices are available in a wide variety. You need to select depending on your purpose. And I would always suggest doing some online research or at least you can discuss with an expert. This will help you pick up the right batting cage nets for softball. I will once again tell you not to compromise with the quality for price. A good quality net will batting cage will last for years.

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