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Dreaming about what to see in Hue city?

Vietnam has so many tourist attractions to visit. You can plan for a tour in the northern, central or southern part of the country. If you are coming to Vietnam, make sure that you are going to book your trip with a travel company who has a good reputation and with tour guides who can speak English. The tour guides will be very helpful, especially in communication.

If you have decided to go to the central part of Vietnam, then you must choose to visit the Hue City? Anyway, what to see in Hue city? There is much to see in the Hue City? You can find here some tourist attractions that will make you remember that Vietnam had Emperors who had left great spots to visit. Emperors and their governance are also a very important part of Vietnam. Years had passed and the Hue City had proven that Nguyen lords and their dynasty had made Vietnam a country rich in culture and royalty.

Are you dreaming about what to see in Hue City? Expect to see various monuments, palace, temples, pagodas, tombs, museums, artifacts, river, garden houses, French architecture and war settings.

On the northern side of the very famous Perfume River, you will find the so-called, Imperial City, which is one of the World Heritage Sites that was awarded by the UNESCO. Having this cultural and historical place is a great advantage for the increasing rate of tourism in the Hue City. It is not just Hue City’s privilege, but a place that the whole of Vietnam is proud of.

There are exciting things to do in the Imperial Citadel. Aside from exploring the whole place, you may dress up for fun. You may rent a King or a Queen’s dress. You may also have a sit on the throne and have an opportunity to act like a king or a queen on that very moment. It is also a good chance to take some photos, funny but is surely interesting.

You will find Ngo Mon, which is the main entrance if you are coming from the south. You will find here a door and a bridge that is connected from the entrance. It is where the Emperors address the official and the people. Next, you will find the Thai Hoa Palace. It is the coronation hall of the Emperor. Behind the Thai Hoa Palace is the Forbidden Purple City. You will also find the Palace of Longevity or the Truong Sanh Residence. And then, you will see the Hue’s Jungle Crevice. Some people might find it scary because of the people who were pushed over the crevice, but this is a crevice full of memories and sacrifices.

So, how about the tombs? Are tombs really expected about what to see in Hue City? These tombs are not just ordinary tombs because they belong to the Emperors. You can find these tombs along the Perfume River. You will see the Tomb of Gia Long, Tomb of Minh Mang, Tomb of Thie Tri, Tomb of Tu Duc, Tomb of Dong Khanh and Tomb of Khai Dinh. Listen to your tour guides because they will surely tell stories about the tombs of the Emperors.

Do not miss to spend some time and hang out around the Hue City, where you can find the I Love Hue sign. It is located in the park of February 3 and along the banks of the Perfume River.

Come and visit the Thien Mu Pagoda or the Elderly Celestial Woman Pagoda that seems to be watching the Perfume River. It is also the official symbol of the Hue City. You will find here silver and golden Buddhas.

Lastly, check out the Thanh Toan Bridge, which is just few kilometers from the Hue City. It is wooden footbridge that is beautifully constructed as a good spot to witness rural life.

So, are you delighted with what to see in Hue City? You can always move around the city and meet people from different countries. Talk to the people from Hue City and you can hear different stories about the place. Your stay in Hue City will be perfect as long as you know how to appreciate its’ beauty and how you accept the people’s lifestyle.

About author: Hoa Nguyen from Viet Fun Travel. He is a enthusiast writing, travel and explore the world.

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