Finding Mckinney Tree Service

Mckinney Tree Service takes precautions when performing tree removals near homes, buildings or other obstacles. All dangerous limbs, branches and trunks are roped and then slowly lowered after the cuts are made. If you have to have a tree removal, Mckinney Tree Service is highly qualified and fully insured for the task. Tree Removal is a dangerous process and should only be done by experienced arborists who are fully insured. This does not include the “yard man” who said he will be able to remove the tree with no problem. We cant begin to tell you the disastrous tree removals that we have finished because the homeowner thought it would be a good idea to use the lawn guy and later they find out just how important it is to have tree service insurance as well as experience with difficult tree removals.


Tree canopy that is over 50% dead. Hollowing out of the trunk of the tree. Dieback on the tips and tops of branches (This can be reversed at times through proper tree care, aeration or fertilization). Tree is leaning more than in the past. Reasons customers have for needing tree removal Tree has been improperly pruned in the past and have became an eyesore for the homeowner. Oak trees that have became infected with oak wilt and removal is the last resort but often necessary as well as other steps in order to prevent further transmission into other oaks in the area.

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