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Laser Rangefinder vs GPS – Which Is Better For Your Game

Laser Rangefinder vs GPS
Golf is one of the most popular sports in America and all over the world. It is quite expensive to pursuit as well in comparison with other sports. You need to purchase proper clothing and golf equipment including golf clubs and balls. There are also other gear that could assist you with your game such as Golf GPS and laser rangefinder.
The Best Golf GPS or rangefinder will be capable of helping you measure distance more precisely. And once you know about the distance, you will be able to put proper strength and power into your shots.
In case you are searching for these devices, you are facing 2 options of golf GPS device and laser rangefinder. Both of them have their own comparative advantages and disadvantages. Whether you go for golf GPS device or laser rangefinder will depend on your ability and preference.
Let’s explore in more details the difference between these 2 types for your consideration.

1/ Ease Of Use

In general, a golf GPS device is much easier to use in comparison with golf laser rangefinder. All you need to do if you want to know the distance from holes to holes when you have a GPS device is simply turning on your device, go to the setting and watch the measurements. You can clearly see all of the distance shown on the screen anytime you advance to a new hole.
There are many other things you can see from your GPS device as well such as the distance to hazards that you cannot see with your eyes and the diagrams of the hole.
It is very suitable for amateur players who don’t have enough skills to measure distance with better accuracy.
A golf laser rangefinder device will be a little bit harder to use. First of all, all of the measurements are not clearly shown on any screen for you to look at. And this device only supports you partially in term of measuring distance. In addition, you cannot measure any distance to hazards that you cannot see.

2/ Accuracy

A golf GPS device might be easier to use for beginner players than a laser rangefinder. However, when you are a more advanced golf player, you should consider using a laser rangefinder since it is more accurate.
As long as you can pinpoint to the right target and measure the distance with care and full focus, you would be able to come up with the right measurement of the distance you want to measure with your laser rangefinder.
However, it is not the case of a golf GPS device. This device works with the help of the global positioning system. Hence the accuracy of the distance will all depend on the accuracy of the map you download in advance before you play.

3/ Access

It is worth mentioning that with a laser rangefinder, you can bring it everywhere, even to when you play golf overseas. You also don’t have to download anything before you can use it.
On the other hand, sometimes you cannot use your golf GPS device if the golf course you are going to play in does not have any data on your manufacturer’s system. That is often the case when you play golf in another country.
So if you often play golf in new courses or travel to play golf a lot, you should consider having a golf laser rangefinder.
In case you still want to purchase a golf GPS device, keep in mind that sometimes you need to pay annual payment to subscribe to the datable of golf courses’ maps as well.
As you can see, both of these golf device, laser rangefinder and GPS come with certain benefits and drawbacks. While the laser rangefinder helps you to measure the distance in a more precise way, a golf GPS device is much easier to use and more suitable for golfer at beginning level.
The choice of what device to use will all depend on your preferences and your needs. Make sure you need the comparisons carefully before you come with the final decision.

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