Low Testosterone Treatment Charlotte NC

Testosterone – Male Menopause (Andropause) Fatigued? Depressed Mood? Low Sex Drive? Could be your testosterone is running on empty. Low Testosterone Treatment Charlotte NC is solution for you.

Low testosterone (hypogonadism) can cause low sex drive, fatigue and depression among other problems. The decline in male sex hormones, called androgens, may result in decreased muscular strength, energy, or libido and an increased risk of erectile dysfunction or depression.


Optimal Treatment

Low Testosterone Treatment Charlotte NC is Human (bio-identical) Testosterone, of course. Many pharmaceutical companies produce natural testosterone, but their mode of delivery varies greatly. From pellets to creams to injections (shots), which one is best? Pellet therapy is ideal for men (and women). These bio-identical pellets hormones, after being inserted under the skin, are readily absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The body recognizes these as the exact hormone it no longer makes and uses it as its own. Pellets release testosterone very slowly and continuously for 3-6 months! No pills to remember, patches to wear, or injections to receive. All it takes is just a brief visit a few times a year…that’s it!

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