Patriots Wrap Up Another Interesting NFL Draft

The NFL has concluded it’s 2010 Draft, and the New England Patriots may have been the busiest team over the last few days. Everyone knew that Bill Belichick loves to deal. And deal. And deal. He has never had a problem as he would jockey for position – whether that meant moving up or down – and this year was certainly no different. Sometimes it works to their advantage by stockpiling picks, while in other instances it has worked against them, as they have allowed other teams to move up and grab an impact player on this content.


The Pats made multiple trades on all three days of this year’s draft. It started in the first round. They sent their 22nd pick to the Denver Broncos, who selected WR Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech, for the 24th pick and the 113th pick, where they selected TE Aaron Hernandez from Florida (113).

They then sent that 24th pick and the 119th pick to the Dallas Cowboys, who selected WR Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State. In return, they got the 27th pick, where they took CB Devin McCourty from Rutgers, and the 90th pick that got them WR Taylor Price from Ohio. With Randy Moss entering the final year of his contract and Wes Welker coming back from a pair of serious injuries, it must have been awfully difficult to pass on Bryant and Thomas.

In Round 2, they traded their 44th and 190th pick to move up to number 42, where they selected TE Rob Gronkowski from Arizona. He will be expected to step in for the departed Ben Watson. Gronkowski is a Jeremy Shockey type of tight end who will be very vocal and emotional on the field.

New England went on to trade their 47th pick to the Arizona Cardinals for the 58th and 89th picks. They kept neither of those picks, but more on that later.

They sent the 58th pick to the Houston Texans for the 62nd and 150th. LB Brandon Spikes from Florida was their 62nd pick, and they selected Michigan P Zoltan Mesko at 150.

Back to the Arizona trade. The 89th pick that they received was sent to the Carolina Panthers for a 2011 2nd round pick.

Spikes was the product of a pair of trades

In between some of those selections and trades, the Pats picked up another Gator, Jermaine Cunningham at DE. Cunningham was very verstaile at Florida, though he received much less attention than players such as Spikes and Carlos Dunlap.

With their 113th pick, who they got from the San Francisco 49ers through the Denver Broncos, the Patriots once again went back to the well…that is the well from the University of Florida.

As everyone knows, an NFL Draft is not a draft until the Pats have done two things – make a bunch of moves and draft at least two tight ends.

I believe we can all agree that they more than complied with both.

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