Plumber NC Testimonials

Testimonials and raving reviews about our chosen Plumber NC were very important to us.  If we found a lot of negative reviews, we took them off our list.  The plumber NC we chose had so many glowing testimonials such as the following:

“Outstanding! I highly recommend plumber NC!

I had another plumbing problem, this time it was a clog in my kitchen sink….back in the wall, in a place I couldn’t reach.

The plumber showed up on time, got to work and fixed the problem in less than 20 minutes. On-time, fast, good work and a reasonable price….nice job!

If the need arises, I will certainly use them again.


Or the next one…

“They are amazing!  Professional, on-time (if not early), and incredibly considerate (neat).  We have had a few different services come out over the years, but this plumber NC is definitely the best.



And what do you think of this one?

“I called on a Sunday afternoon and the Plumber NC was here in 20 minutes!
It ended up being a major project to replace all drain/waste pipes under the concrete slab.  They were very flexible with work schedules to meet my timing and availability. They brought in great professionals for specialized areas of work.

They ensured the house functioned the whole time! We were so glad to not have to leave home.

–  Provided a lot of options of how to do work.
–  Listened carefully to my concerns.
–  Cheerfully met all my requests on how/where to do the work.
–  Customer Service A+  ;- )
–  Quality of Work – excellence commented on by insurance adjuster
–  Above & Beyond – did extra related work
–  Work Ethic – worked hard, efficiently, effectively, & professionally every day!
–  Kept me informed, very responsive to my calls & questions



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