Best Manual Treadmill

There are so many things that treadmills are now capable of doing. When you’re picking out your treadmill you have to keep a lot of things in mind. You could potentially spend a lot of money on something you’ll never use, but at the same time if the treadmill you buy does too little, you may feel nothing motivating you to go on a jog. The best manual treadmill for you is probably the one that you spend the most time on and is the most affordable.

Integrated TV

Many treadmills now come equipped with television sets that you can watch while you work out. This can be a great addition to your treadmill, especially if you’re not going to be putting your treadmill in a room with a TV. Having a TV on your treadmill, like at many gyms, can greatly add incentive to run, as you have something to concentrate on. Sometimes running in place can get boring because you’re not going anywhere, and you’re not seeing anything new.


Many treadmills now have iPod support. You can plug your iPod into some treadmills and browse through your music library straight from the treadmill screen. Some treadmills even allow you a way to watch videos stored on your iPod through treadmill screen.

Safety features

If you are prone to especially prone to injury, you may want to get a treadmill with extra safety features. It’s important to have something that will turn off in case of a fall. Also, sturdy sidebars and wide feet rests can help, if the treadmill gets too fast and you want to stop running.

Heart Rate monitor

Having a built-in heart rate monitor within the treadmill is great. The heart rate monitor can greatly add to the enjoyment you will be having on the treadmill because it gives you something to strive towards. It gives you something to monitor and keep track of and try to make better within your body.

iPod treadmill

If you don’t have the space for a home treadmill, or if you like to run outside instead, you may want to check out some of the exercise apps for the iPod and iPhone. iTreadmill is designed to be a virtual treadmill for your iPod.At the end of the day a new treadmill may be the next thing that will get you into shape. Some people need that extra thing that motivates them to work out. This may be TV or MP3 player support. The best manual treadmill for you is probably going to be the one that you will use the most while remaining cheap.