Best treadmill for money

I think it can be a great idea to purchase a used treadmill if you have the time to hunt around and also the knowledge to ensure you get a good deal. Having said that there is a lot of merit in taking the plunge and getting yourself the best treadmill you can afford direct from a retailer.

Buying a new treadmill has a few advantages the best of which is that you get to choose the exact model that you desire. When you are in the market for second hand treadmills you often end up with whatever is available at the time. Of course the savings you make on a second hand model may make up for the fact that you settle for a different model.

A new treadmill will also come with at least a years warranty which will cover you from any breakdowns which occur due to faulty workmanship. With a used treadmill you really have to hope the seller is telling the truth about the reliability of your purchase and of course electrical goods have the potential to fail at any time. Having the warranty as back up gives you peace of mind in case things go wrong, knowing that you won’t feel cheated if the treadmill turns out to be a dud.

If you are the type of person who likes to buy things on the spur of the moment and can’t wait around for a few weeks until you get your hands on it then buying new is the only way to go. You can get yourself online quickly, do some research and have the best treadmill you can find ordered in a couple of hours. This just isn’t possible for those of us who decide to buy used treadmills.

The beauty of buying new these days is that there are such amazing deals available online. Cheap treadmills which are of a remarkably high quality can be bought from a huge range of retailers. For your first stop try a visit to’s website where you can view a large number of treadmills, get an idea of the costs involved and read reviews from customers to see which treadmill is the one for you.

Prices are changing all the time with online exercise equipment retailers, and of course new models appear on a regular basis so it’s hard to pinpoint the best treadmill available at any one time.

Quality brands to look out for on your research would be Sole, Horizon Fitness, Lifespan Fitness and Nordictrack.