Best treadmill running shoes

Best Running Shoes For Treadmill Runnning

To get the most out of your treadmill or even just your running in general you’ll want to get a pair of running shoes which do the best job possible for you. You will probably be thinking that to get the best running shoes for treadmill running that you’ll have to spend another large sum of money to add to what you have already splashed out on your home treadmill.

Thankfully, not only is it possible to get a pair of good running shoes for cheap but spending more money on the latest running shoes with all the fancy technological advancements could actually be a waste of your cash.

A new book has just been published by a man by the name of Christopher McDougall who is a former war correspondent and self proclaimed running fanatic. Christopher argues that the number of injuries for runners is actually increasing and that the blame can be placed a the door of the running shoes we are training in.

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McDougall uses sports science, evolutionary study, and evidence gained by talking to sports coaches and running teams to argue that the top of the range running shoes with such selling points as extra support and improved impact resistance among other “technologies” result in a higher rate of injuries than if we all used cheap running shoes. In fact his statistic show that runners who wear the most expensive trainers are 123 per cent more likely to get injured than runners in cheap running shoes.

Human beings are really designed to run barefoot but because we have become so used to wearing some sort of protection on our feet it would now be dangerous to run in this manner. The best answer may be not to worry too much about what are the best running shoes for treadmill running or even outdoor running for that matter. Just make sure you get a pair of running shoes which are comfortable and which don’t have any fancy technologies which will probably do you no good at best and will boost the price tag considerably.

The most important thing when thinking about the best running shoes is the age and condition of the trainer. Research shows that for maximum safety your running shoes should be changes every 500-1000 miles depending on your body weight and the surfaces you run on.

What Shoes Do I Wear On The Treadmill?

Having said all that I’ve got to say that I still think there can be a world of difference between the running shoes out there when used on a treadmill and I’m not sure it just down to getting one that fits, although that is obviously of paramount importance. But everyone who has done amount of treadmill running will have their own favorite trainer from a favorite manufacturer. I’ve got to say that I’ve always had a soft spot for Asics, believing that they are more comfortable than anything else on the market, priced reasonably and I think they look cool. At the moment I’m running in ASICS Gel Cumulus 10 which I find to be super comfortable and easy on the knees. What’s your favorite runner?