Ironman Treadmill

Treadmills are not all created equal. There are treadmills for strictly family use and have just a few features and come at a good price. There are treadmills that are specifically designed for use in public facilities like gyms and health clubs and finally there are treadmills especially designed for professional trainers and runners. The Ironman treadmill is made by Key Fitness products, which has several other lines of treadmills, all of high quality. The Ironman series actually has two models, the T series and the M series. They have recently added the very good Ironman Triad but it is only available through the members only Costco.

The T and M series are designed for general use and there are three versions of each; the t150, t220, and t320 for the T series, and the m2-4 of the M series. The M series also includes the m5 which allows folding up your treadmill for easy storage in places like a closet or under the bed. These treadmills are not cheap but they are very good, and with this wide a choice range it is a sure bet that you can find the exact right treadmill for your fitness needs.

The new addition to the Ironman line, the Triad, keeps the slim modern look of the T series but also has the convenience of the m5. The weight is the same, 375 lbs, even with the addition of extra features but the motor is a bit smaller at 3 hp and a maximum speed of 10 mph. For many users however the addition of touch button controls, heart rate programs, monitoring and control and even a remote control give you a lot of exercise choices. There is also a wide range of pre programmed exercise programs, 15 to be exact, to challenge you on many levels and keep you going for years. The Triads incline is not as much as many people like. Most inclines will go to about 12% but the Triad only goes to 10%. The running surface however is very long at a full 60” give you plenty of room.

An Ironman treadmill will cost in midle range, and the warranty on it means that its good value. The frame is guaranteed for life, a very attractive offer, and there is a ten-year warranty on the motor. The rest of an Ironman treadmill is only guaranteed for two years however so you may find yourself buying parts at some point if you find it breaking down.